About me

I'm Ross McDonald. Geek, thinker, Open Source committer, calisthenics fan, Spanish language learner, gamer, Sci-Fi fan, comic/Anime/Manga consumer, coffee and wine lover, husband and father

Systems and tools

  • Run three times a week - exercising in the morning helps me think and sleep
  • Walk a few times a day - it also helps me think and sleep
  • Picard (My Ships Log) - organise your knowledge around a sound model of state and time
  • Email is a place where information goes to die, if its important it needs a URI
  • The Code. The Evaluation. The Protocols - Jocko Willink
  • Loosely Getting Things Done for task management
  • A bit of Linking Your Thinking and PARA
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Obsidian
  • Fantastical 2
  • Noise cancelling headphones (there are plenty of good ones, Bose, Sony, AirPods Max)

Things I like

Spending evenings and weekends with my family, finding new things to do and new places to go.

I’m into my Stoic philosophy.

Exploring generally the older ideas in software programming and architecture as I find they are often the best (many a thing has been seen and done before).

Thinking things through in my own time, I do not think that a spur of the moment debate is ever really the time to solve a problem. Saying that I am prepared to challenge the established thinking on things when I believe I have a valid case.

Doing a thing (just one at a time) and doing it well.

Lisp, Clojure, API design, REST, HATEOAS, Microformats, IndieWeb.

Privacy, ethics, decentralisation (no that does not mean Blockchain or crypto).

I am a fan of Open Source.

Learning Spanish.

I think that some of the ’Agile’ movement is very good, particularly the early and continuous delivery of valuable software, and response to change.

I love reading, all sorts of books, especially SCI-FI - Dune and the Night’s Dawn Trilogy may be the best books ever written.

Red wine, typically Italian, Spanish or French.

Sharing a curry and some beer regularly with a couple of friends who are fellow Open Source Software Engineers (or I did pre Covid-19), some of our little projects are over at VoxMachina.

Keeping fit by challenging gravity with my own bodyweight, to do this I need a floor, a pull up bar and some parallettes. Yoga and hand-balancing.

Gaming, Playstation, Switch and PC - RTS/RPG and others.

Podcasts - mostly from Relay FM.

Things I don't like

Platforms, silos and lock-in.

Solutionising and design by committee where nobody really knows or cares what the customer needs or wants.

I strongly dislike the dogma and ’policy’ elements that some interpretations of ’Agile’ yield.

’All’ of something or ’None’ of something opinions or attitudes, inevitably the truth is that it is somewhere in the middle.