Picard - my Ship's Log - part 1

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Wherein I fall back on a centuries old technique for logging everything.

What is the problem this solves?

  • It is hard to remember where things go
  • Any organisational system inevitably becomes too complicated and takes too much time if we structure things too much up front
  • A lack of customisation and inflexible tools do not meet our requirements

What is this solution?

  • use daily notes to log everything
  • log with flexible tools and just enough structure with categories that work for the important elements in your life
  • figure out an automatic technique and use tools for aggregating or surfacing the information in ways that work for you

An example

I use a setup including:

  • Obsidian
  • The Obsidian Quickadd Plugin
  • Some structure around things I want to log (my inspiration is The Code. The Evaluation. The Protocols - Jocko Willink)

An example daily note capturing items I log with the QuickAdd plugin looks something like the below.

Ships log screenshot

My setup then includes:

  • Obsidian pages specifically designed to aggregate and surface what I have logged across my daily notes through time
  • Obsidian Dataview queries provide the querying capability
  • A Media Log page tracking all the TV and films I have watched
  • A Discoveries Log page tracking discoveries I make over time

A screenshot of part of my Discoveries Log page is below.

New discoveries screenshot